Castaway Creek (Typhoon Lagoon’s Lazy River)

Castaway Creek is the lazy river at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park. This attraction is one of the most relaxing rides at Walt Disney World.

In this article, we’ll take a photo tour of Castaway Creek. Then, as we wind around the lazy river, we’ll stop at each landing. In addition, I’ll provide a few tips for touring the park via the lazy river.

Utilizing the lazy river as a means of transportation around the park is the way to go. If you miss a stop, you can keep floating until you make your way around again.

Or you can always get off at the next landing and walk back to an attraction.

Both Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach have lazy rivers that circle the parameter of the park. However, the lazy rivers travel in opposite directions. That always throws me off when I’ve visited both parks within a reasonable time frame.

Typhoon Lagoon’s Castaway Creek offers inner tubes for single riders and double riders. When you enter the lazy river at one of the landings, you’ll grab whichever size innertube works best.

It is nice for those with smaller children to be able to grab a double inner tube. That way, you can keep your child nearby instead of trying to hold on to the handle of a separate tube.

Castaway Creek is 2000 feet long, with a continuous flow around the park. Therefore, it takes approximately 20 minutes to travel the entire length of the lazy river.

The lazy river has five landings. They are as follows:

  • North Shore Landing
  • Village Landing
  • Tilly’s Landing
  • South Shore Landing
  • Happy Landing

North Shore Landing is located at the very front of the park between the wave pool and Singapore Sal’s gift shop. This landing is closest to the park’s main entrance.

The attractions closest to the lazy river’s North Shore Landing are:

As we move around the park counter-clockwise, the next landing is Village Landing. You can exit the lazy river here for the following attractions:

Moving on, you’ll float around toward the backside of the mountain. This is where you’ll find Tilly’s Landing.

It’s right before you go through the cave. Stop in here for a restroom break or if you would like to walk through the cave.

There is a long walkway adjacent to Castaway Creek in this specific area.

For reference, this large wall supports the back of Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool.

On the opposite side of Castaway Creek, a beautiful waterfall cascades down the mountainside. The rope bridge in the picture below is part of the Mountain Trail.

If you enjoy hiking or exploring, make sure not to miss the Mountain Trail. It is a fun walk, and you’ll almost always have the place to yourself.

Unfortunately, most guests don’t seem to know that the trail is an attraction in itself.

We’ll continue through the cave, Forgotten Grotto. I didn’t take my camera in the water because I didn’t want to ruin it.

You can see how water streams down over the entrance of the cavern. So you’ll likely get wet as you pass through.

You may notice how the flooring is wet along the walkway. Disney’s water parks provide sprayers to keep the ground cooled off. You can usually find them every couple of feet.

However, you do not want to visit a water park without a pair of water park shoes. Trust me.

You’ll come out of the cave on the opposite side near the park’s other waterslides.

If you’re on Castaway Creek, you’ll want to exit at South Shore Landing for the following attractions:

The lazy river will go through a small area where it splits before reaching the last landing.

Below is a photo of one of the landings. Each one has a wide staircase that leads down to the lazy river—the river depth averages between two to three feet.

You might also notice that some landings are located inside the lazy river. You’ll have to cross one of the bridges and double back to the nearest landing to access these.

Happy Landing is the very last stop before we are back to the front of the park.

Happy Landings is the name of a counter service dining location at Typhoon Lagoon. They have plenty of ice cream treats. It’s hard to see, but if you look closely, a giant ice cream cone cutout advertises the stop to all those floating down Castaway Creek.

Additionally, you can exit in this area for the Bay Slides.

Overall, the lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon provides the perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon. Additionally, the river provides an ideal mode of transportation to get around the park, as long as you’re not in a hurry to get to your next stop!

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