Mayday Falls at Typhoon Lagoon

Mayday Falls is a waterslide attraction at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. This waterslide is located toward the back left-hand side of the park, next to Ketchakiddee Creek, the dedicated children’s area.

This article will look at Mayday Falls and what to expect from the attraction. If you haven’t visited before, you might be uncertain which members of your group will want to experience these types of slides.

Mayday Falls is one of three raft-style rides that sit together in this area of the park. The other two “falls” attractions are Gangplank Falls (a family raft ride) and Keelhaul Falls. Mayday sits in the middle of them.

Mayday Falls is the longest (and highest) waterslide at Typhoon Lagoon. However, the attraction has no height requirement.

Additionally, the pool depth at the bottom of the slide is 3 feet and 6 inches.

Wait times are usually posted at the slide entrance. However, you can see the line ahead of you and how fast it’s moving.

Mayday Falls is for single riders. Only one rider per tube is allowed. You’ll pick up a yellow innertube at the slide’s exit.

You will have to wait here until it’s your turn to grab a tube. Before a rider exits the pool, they will have to push the innertube under a rope fence to the next waiting guest.

The following guest in line grabs the tube and takes it to the top of the slide.

Parents, if you have smaller children who want to ride, I recommend waiting until you both have a tube before heading to the top.

Then you can go down the slide ahead of them. That way, you are already at the bottom when they come along behind you.

On the way down, you’ll go through several bumps and rapids. Do not forget water park shoes! I know I mention them a lot, but they are an essential item.

Overall, Mayday Falls is fun, especially for children and teens. As an adult, I’ve enjoyed this attraction several times.

However, I find the Storm Slides on the opposite side of the park to be more my speed. The reason I love those slides more is that they are body slides.

From my experience, the tube can quickly get high on the sides of the waterslide. So high that I’ve flipped out of a few in the past. Therefore, keep this in mind and remember not to drag your feet.

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In the comments: What are your thoughts on Mayday Falls? Does this look like an attraction that’s right for you? Or will you sit this one out?