Ketchakiddee Creek at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Ketchakiddee Creek is a dedicated attraction for children under 48″ tall at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. This area features an aquatic playground, shallow pools, mini water slides, and more!

In this article, we’ll preview Ketchakiddee Creek. If you’re trying to decide if Typhoon Lagoon is a good fit for smaller children, this article should be helpful.

Thankfully, this area is delightful for the little ones to splash around!

Ketchakiddee Creek is located on the back left-hand side of Typhoon Lagoon. The attraction is tucked neatly behind the wave pool and lazy river.

Since it’s the furthest attraction on this side of the park, the area offers privacy and minimal foot traffic. In addition, the location is ideal for those visiting with children.

Toward the front, there’s a sizable water playground with plenty of splash elements and miniature slides.

A cave with a waterfall sits toward the back of Ketchakiddee Creek.

The S.S. Squirt is a leaky tugboat with a fun water spray cannon. Children can climb aboard and take their best aim.

Additionally, Ketchakiddee Creek has several areas that are a little more private. For instance, the space below offers a less crowded mini slide and splash area.

But, perhaps, the most unique element of the entire area is this miniature water raft ride for tykes.

Again, you must be 48″ or less to ride this attraction. You’ll sit your child inside the innertube. These tubes are similar to boats and have a bottom instead of the typical donut cut-out.

Anyway, the current will take children around a small, level maze. Surprisingly, the current moves fairly fast.

Then it drops you back off at the end. I noticed that most parents help their children get started and then walk around and meet them at the end.

Lastly, Ketchakiddee Creek has a ton of private seating that is somewhat shaded. Here is a photo of the space.

And I visited on a fairly busy day! I have a feeling no one knows this area exists.

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