Locker Rentals at Typhoon Lagoon

Renting a locker is an essential part of the planning process when it comes to Typhoon Lagoon. Lockers provide a safe and sizable space to store your valuables during the day.

The last thing you want is to set up camp in one spot and leave someone in your group in charge of all the stuff. That’s not fair to mom!

This article will walk you through the process of renting a locker at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. We’ll look at the locker location, price, and available sizes.

When you enter Typhoon Lagoon, you’ll find the locker area on the right past Singapore Sal’s. You can purchase a locker rental at Singapore Sal’s, High n’ Dry Gifts, or self-service kiosks.

Lockers come in two different sizes, standard and large. Unless you’re traveling light, I recommend going with the larger of the two lockers.

Usually, I elect to secure a locker via the computer kiosk.

First, you’ll walk up to an empty kiosk.

And then select what language and what size locker. For example, on my last visit, a standard locker cost $10.00, and a large locker was $15.00.

The signage indicates that a standard locker holds one backpack, and a large locker accommodates two backpacks.

Here’s a look at what I brought. I always carry a cooler with several sodas and bottled water when I visit the water parks.

Note that you cannot bring loose ice into the parks. So if you bring a cooler with ice, the ice will need to be in sealed storage bags.

And here is a look at the lockers. The machine will instruct you to make a code for the locker.

Then you will enter the code. Remember to shield the area so no one can see what you enter.

Then the kiosk will print out a receipt with your locker number. Once you locate your locker, you’ll need to remember the location and your code.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll think to bring a measuring tape to provide the size of the locker.

Anyway, I was carrying a decent amount but could still fit everything inside.

You can go back and forth to your locker throughout the day as needed. We usually retrieve our phones before lunch and stop to grab a drink here and there.

I can’t stress enough the importance of renting a locker. I see so many guests leave their items unattended. Or a member of the family ends up staying with everything while everyone else goes off to have fun.

You can alleviate the worry or need to babysit items by renting a locker first thing upon arrival. I’ve never visited Typhoon Lagoon without renting a locker, and at the end of the day, the extra $15.00 has always been more than worth it.

Especially considering I don’t have to purchase soda or water during my visit. You and I both know that a couple of sodas add up quickly at Disney World.

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