Singapore Sal’s at Typhoon Lagoon

Singapore Sal’s is a gift shop located at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park. The store sells souvenirs and other merchandise related to the park.

This article will preview the items you might find while visiting Singapore Sal’s. The gift shop is a favorite for many, with unique souvenirs that you won’t find anywhere other than Typhoon Lagoon.

With that being said, all of these items might not be available on your visit. However, this should give you an idea of what type of items the store sells.

When visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Singapore Sal’s sits relatively close to the park entrance. The souvenir shop is on the right before you get to the locker area and changing rooms.

Like everything else at Typhoon Lagoon, Sal’s offers unique theming. A few odds and ends, salvaged from the shipwreck, are used in the decor.

There are usually a few items on display toward the front of the store to entice those who might have forgotten something. Below, we see various sand toys, shovels, and pails for children. Typhoon Lagoon has a decent amount of sandy areas where children can play.

There are always plenty of beach towels available. However, if you’re a resort guest, towels are available for the day at no extra charge.

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I still like to browse the towel section to see if there are any I need to add to my collection.

If you forget your sunglasses or are looking for a nice pair, there’s a separate area in the gift shop called Sals Shades. This shop is by Sunglass Hut.

While on the subject of being forgetful, pretty much everything you need for the water park is available inside Singapore Sal’s. However, it can be a pretty expensive trip to the gift shop if you forget something significant.

For instance, water shoes are more expensive here than in a regular store. So if you’re planning a day at a water park, you need a pair of these shoes.

Trust me. You don’t want to walk around barefoot all day. And you don’t want to have to constantly take a regular pair of shoes off and on again.

Goggles are another item you might not think to bring that your children will likely demand.

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Additionally, there are plenty of swimsuits available. I always think about who would go to a water park and forget their swimsuit. But it happens every day.

Anyway, you’ll find several pieces of merchandise branded with Typhoon Lagoon.

This is a cute t-shirt.

And if you collect pressed pennies, there’s usually a machine available.

The pennies represent Typhoon Lagoon, which is a nice touch for collectors.

Hopefully, this article provided you with an overview of what’s available at Singapore Sal’s. We’ll try to get back over that way for updated merchandise photos in 2022.

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Have you ever visited Singapore Sal’s? Do you like to pick up a t-shirt or souvenir when you visit the water parks?