Miss Adventure Falls at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Miss Adventure Falls is a family raft ride located at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. The ride, which opened several years ago, is the newest water park attraction at Walt Disney World.

This article will go over what to expect with Miss Adventure Falls. We’ll discuss wait times, requirements, and the best times to ride this popular attraction.

Miss Adventure Falls is similar to Teamboat Springs at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. However, the Typhoon Lagoon raft ride has a little bit of a bonus that you won’t get at Disney’s sister water park.

This attraction is located immediately past Crush ‘N’ Gusher. For those unfamiliar, both of these thrill attractions are located close to the front of the park.

After entering the park, you’ll find both attractions sitting on the walkway beyond the locker area and changing rooms.

The backstory behind Miss Adventure Falls is that of Captain Mary Oceaneer, whose treasure is scattered all over Typhoon Lagoon. Mary is the owner of the family water ride.

Her diving tank sits outside the attraction.

You’ll notice a posted wait time when you enter the queue.

However, you can usually see the entire line length from outside the queue. I’ve seen the posted wait time as high as 40 minutes when the line is full.

From our experience, we’ve never had to wait longer than 20 to 25 minutes when the line reaches the end of the queue. Several factors come into play here.

One is that the raft ride requires at least two riders per raft. So, if you are a single rider, don’t worry. They’ll add you into a raft with someone else.

When my son and I visit the park, they’ve always let us ride by ourselves. But if there were a single rider near us, they would have added that person to our raft.

Each raft holds up to four riders.

The other factor to consider is that often the lines are a little more spread out for water park attractions. This is because guests are usually wet.

And unlike the theme parks, no one wants to feel like they’re standing on top of each other at a water park. Therefore, the line is usually not as long as it looks.

While there is no height requirement for Miss Adventure Falls, there is a requirement. Every guest must be able to sit correctly in the raft and hold both handles. Therefore, infants cannot ride this attraction.

As you continue through the queue for Miss Adventure Falls, there are multiples signs with directions on how to ride. You’ll wade into the water when you get to the loading area.

A cast member will provide a raft, and you’ll turn your back to it and sit down on the edge. You’ll then lift your legs and swing them over the side as you slide into the raft.

After you’re seated, grab the two handles directly behind you and hold on through the remainder of the ride.

As mentioned earlier, this ride has a bit of an edge over Teamboat Springs. That’s because you load the raft at the bottom of Miss Adventure Falls. (At Teamboat Springs, you have to go to the summit to board the raft.)

Then a moving conveyor belt takes you up to the start of the slide.

You’ll hear a few warnings along the way up before heading through a tunnel. Unfortunately, it’s a little late for turning around at this point!

The slide down offers several twists, turns, and tunnels. You’ll even go through a few waterfalls on the way.

Like most water slides, the ride is over rather quickly. However, the ride up adds a decent length to the overall attraction.

Below is a look at the slide exit.

Often, there’s a PhotoPass photographer taking photos for those with the upgrade.

At the bottom, you’ll stay in the raft until a cast member directs you to exit. The easiest way to exit is by slinging your legs over the raft the same way you entered it.

Miss Adventure Falls is a fun attraction for the entire family. We usually ride it multiple times during our days at the water park.

Since the attraction is immediately next to Crush ‘N’ Gusher, I recommend alternating rides between the two first thing in the morning.

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Additionally, the wait times are usually non-existent later in the day. If you want to get in a few extra rides, check this attraction during the last two hours of park operation.

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