Humunga Kowabunga at Typhoon Lagoon

Humunga Kowabunga is one of the premier attractions at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. The water slide comprises three body slides that sit side-by-side along the side of Mount Mayday.

This article will provide details on what to expect from Humunga Kowabunga. But, parents, don’t worry. There’s a seating area at the bottom where you can wait for your children.

Or you can always ride yourself if you’re brave enough. I’m not.

Humunga Kowabunga has a 48″ height requirement. Make sure to verify your height before heading up the staircase to the slides.

A cast member will check your height when you reach the top if you look questionable in size.

Additionally, a wait time is posted toward the slide entrance at the bottom of Mount Mayday. Finally, you’ll climb a set of stairs to reach the top of the attraction.

Often the wait time will be much longer than five minutes. This attraction is the fiercest set of water slides at Typhoon Lagoon.

How fierce? You’ll plummet five stories down the side of the mountain in the dark! The slides total 214 feet long.


Looking back, you can see the waiting area at the end of the slide.

It’s kind of neat to see guests arrive at the bottom of the slide. Participants are completely horizontal at that point and make a pretty significant splash.

When you reach the end and gain your composure, a lifeguard will instruct you to stand up, step out of the slide, and exit the area.

Make sure to step entirely out of the slide before attempting to exit. There are small walkways between each slide to make this possible.

Overall Humunga Kowabunga is a ton of fun. Well, that’s what my loved ones tell me anyway.

I’m usually at the bottom cheering them on and taking a few photos.

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What do you think about Humunga Kowabunga? Will you take the plunge or sit and wait?