The Mountain Trail at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

The Mountain Trail is one of those off-the-beaten-path things at Typhoon Lagoon. It’s doubtful most guests even know that there’s an incredible trail that scales Mount Mayday at the water park.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had visited Typhoon Lagoon many times before discovering the Mountain Trail. Unfortunately, it’s not something that’s really advertised.

However, now I always take the time to walk the trail when I visit the park. And I thought you might want to learn more about it too.

So in this article, I’ll share a few ideas for incorporating the Mountain Trail at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon into your water park visit.

A few years back, I saw someone post photos of an area of Typhoon Lagoon that I had never visited. When I looked on the map, I discovered there was a trail over the mountain.

On my next visit, I asked a cast member at the park about the Mountain Trail. She told me there wasn’t one.

So I did a little exploring and found the trail myself. It wasn’t too hard to find since several signs indicated the trail’s path.

However, the trail is not something you would necessarily stumble upon if you weren’t looking for it.

The Mountain Trail has a starting point on each side of Mount Mayday. The trail runs directly behind the wave pool if you’re facing the mountain.

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You can join the Mountain Trail near Gangplank Falls. Instead of heading through the Forgotten Grotto, you’ll head up the staircase immediately next to the Gangplank Falls queue.

It will appear like you’re joining the line for the family raft ride. However, you’ll bear off away from the line as you continue.

Soon, you’ll run into the bridge, which leads up toward the shipwreck.

Additionally, the bridge crosses over Castaway Creek, the lazy river.

I noticed a sign on the opposite side of the bridge that indicated the following attractions were nearby:

Next, you’ll climb a few steps to the overlook.

From the overlook, you can see out across the wave pool toward the front of the park. Those tall buildings in the distance are hotels at Disney Springs.

As you continue on the Mountain Trail, you’ll notice a few places where the walkways have waterfalls spilling across them. These areas offer a nice place to cool off on your journey over Mount Mayday.

Eventually, you’ll make your way down to the slides on this side of the mountain. Those attractions include:

I hope this article provided you with something new and fun to do on your next visit to Typhoon Lagoon!

The Mountain Trail is a great place to break when the park is crowded. You might have noticed that there wasn’t anyone in any of the photos of the trail.

And these photos were taken on a relatively crowded day.

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In the comments: Have you ever tried the Mountain Trail? Do you enjoy exploring every aspect of the park?