Typhoon Lagoon Refillable Mugs (Refill Stations and Do You Need One?)

When you visit Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, you’ll have the option to purchase a refillable mug. But is it worth it? For some of you, we think so. However, in other instances, you might not need one.

In this article, we’ll look at the new 2023 Typhoon Lagoon water park mug design. We’ll also discuss whether you should or should not purchase a mug and go over where to find the various refill stations within the park.

Since Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary ended, we are seeing new designs on items like refillable mugs. Here is a photo of the water park mug that’s been available for the last two or so years.

Here is the new water park mug that debuted in 2023. It features Mickey on one side with Buttons at Blizzard Beach. Minnie Mouse is on the opposite side, wearing heart sunglasses. Ice Gator and Duncan the Parrot (from Miss Adventure Falls) are also part of the artwork.

Rapid Fill Mugs are available throughout the park. Guests can enjoy refills of fountain drinks at any self-service beverage location within the park or Blizzard Beach.

Rapid Fill mugs cost $12.99 and include refills for the entirety of the day at either water park. If you return to the water park, you can bring your mug and have it reactivated for $8.50.

Is a Rapid Fill Mug worth it at Typhoon Lagoon?

Since moving to the area, we visit Typhoon Lagoon regularly. In the past, I never purchased a mug. But now I have one and take it with me on most visits.

Many days, I visit the park for a few hours near the end of the day. On those days, I carry a cold soda or two in my bag and leave them in a locker along with my mug. When I get ready for a drink, I fill my mug with ice and use the soda I brought with me to avoid paying the activation fee.

However, on days when we’re at the water park for extended periods, I pay to have my mug activated and use it. I’ve also formed a habit of refilling it right before I leave, so I’ll have a drink for the ride home.

Fountain drinks cost approximately $4.29. So if you are visiting for one day and will use the mug at least three times, you’ll have a fun souvenir to take home with you. But if you won’t use the mug more than a time or two, you’re probably better off purchasing a regular soda.

Fountain drinks include Coca-Cola products like Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Barq’s Root Beer, Sprite Zero, Minute Maid Lemonade Zero Sugar, Powerade, Sprite, Diet Coke, and Coca-Cola. Some machines have Gold Peak Ice Tea and one machine (noted below) is a Coke Freestyle with more options.

Refill Stations at Typhoon Lagoon

Below we’ll look at the places you can refill your Rapid Fill mugs at Typhoon Lagoon. While mugs are sold at most kiosks, there are only a few places to refill them throughout the park.

Happy Landings

A refill station is available on the side of Happy Landings. It’s located along the lazy river past Leaning Palms. If you’re dining at Leaning Palms, you’ll want to refill your mug here.

Tropical Amity Outpost

Tropical Amity Outpost sits next to the Crush ‘n’ Gusher pool. If you’re near the locker and restroom area at the front of the park, this refill station sits on the opposite side. This is where I usually refill my drink at the end of the day.

Surf Doggies

If you’re near Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool or the poolside bar, you’ll find a refill station at the end of Surf Doggies. Surf Doggies is a stand that sells hot dogs, among other things.

Lowtide Lou’s

Guests toward the back of the park near the falls (water slides) and Ketchakiddee Creek will want to take advantage of the refill station at Lowtide Lou’s. Often, Lou’s is only open seasonally. But the beverage area is always open for guests with refillable mugs.

Snack Shack

Lastly, a Coke Free Style machine sits on the side of the Snack Shack near Typhoon Tilly’s. This machine will have more options. But since it’s a single machine, sometimes you’ll encounter a line.

Hopefully, this article helped you decide if purchasing a water park mug was worth it. If so, you now have a jump start on where to find the refill stations. But when it’s hot outside, we can all easily forget things.

So if you’re wandering around looking for a place to refill your mug like it’s an oasis in the desert–just look for the mist. All the stations usually have a mist blowing over them.

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What do you think? Would you purchase a refillable mug at Typhoon Lagoon?

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