Transportation at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Those planning a visit to Typhoon Lagoon will want to know their best route for getting to the water park. Whether you’re visiting from a Walt Disney World Resort or off-property, the options vary.

This article will discuss transportation options to and from Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Then you can decide which option will work best for you.

Disney Resorts to Typhoon Lagoon

If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, you’ll have access to complimentary bus transportation to Typhoon Lagoon. This bus transportation works one of two ways.

Under ideal circumstances, direct bus transportation is offered to Typhoon Lagoon from your resort with the same return service.

When you leave the park, signage indicates which bus stop you need for your resort.

Unfortunately, in 2022, Disney has implemented their transfer bus option to and from Typhoon Lagoon and the resorts. This way requires an extra stop on your way to Typhoon Lagoon, and it’s a bit of a hassle.

If the transfer bus is in place, here’s how it works. First, you’ll board a bus from your resort to Disney Springs. Then, when you arrive at Disney Springs, you’ll disembark and walk to the nearby bus stop for Typhoon Lagoon.

Typhoon Lagoon sits across the street from Disney Springs, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for the bus.

Unfortunately, you cannot walk from Disney Springs to Typhoon Lagoon due to heavy traffic. In addition, this particular area is not friendly to pedestrians.

Upon return, you’ll take the same transfer bus from Typhoon Lagoon to Disney Springs. You’ll have to walk to your resort’s bus stop at Disney Springs.

While transferring to Typhoon Lagoon via Disney Springs isn’t that big of a deal, the return transfer is a nuisance.

First, you’ll likely have a bit of a walk to your bus stop at Disney Springs. You might even encounter a long line of guests leaving Disney Springs to return to the same resort.

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually a mess when I leave a water park. My hair is still damp, and even though we bring a change of clothes, we’re carrying a decent size bag of wet swimsuits and usually a small cooler.

So taking a bus to Disney Springs, finding the bus stop for your resort, and waiting is a headache.

Hopefully, we’ll see direct bus service to and from the water parks return as things improve. However, the transfer bus system was in practice several years ago. So, unfortunately, it’s not anything new or likely temporary.

Your alternative is to drive or take a car service to Typhoon Lagoon, which brings us to parking.

Parking at Typhoon Lagoon

Thankfully, there is no charge for parking at Typhoon Lagoon. So whether you are a resort guest or visiting from off-property, you can park at the water park for free.

If you visit first thing on a weekend day or holiday, there are usually cast remembers directing guests where to park.

For those that drive over later in the day, I recommend driving to the front of the lot and finding a spot where someone else has left for the day.

Many passholders visit the park for a couple of hours at a time. So it’s not uncommon to find parking closer to the front of the park after lunchtime.

Special Mention for guests of Saratoga Springs, Port Orleans, Treehouse Villas, and Old Key West Resorts:

A sign at your resort might indicate you can take a boat from the resort to Disney Springs and then transfer to Typhoon Lagoon.


The boat dock at Disney Springs is a considerable walking distance to the bus stop where the transfer bus is located. You would have to walk through the Marketplace and halfway through Town Center to get to the bus stop.

You would also need to know where you were going. Disney Springs is a massive place, and you could easily get turned around.

I haven’t walked it, but I anticipate it would take me between 15-20 minutes to get from the Marketplace boat dock to the bus stop.

Your best option is to take a bus from your resort’s bus stop to Disney Springs. And then transfer as we have already discussed.

Final Thoughts on Transportation at Disney Springs

Before we wrap things up, let’s look at a quick recap of your options:

  • First, resort guests need to take a transfer bus from their resort to Typhoon Lagoon via Disney Springs and return the same way.
  • There is no charge to park at Typhoon Lagoon.
  • You cannot walk from Disney Springs to Typhoon Lagoon.

I hope this article provided you with the information needed for traveling to and from Typhoon Lagoon.

We have an entire list of articles for the waterpark for more planning information.

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In the comments: Which transportation option will you choose for Typhoon Lagoon? Do you have any other questions this article didn’t answer?

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