Character Meets at Typhoon Lagoon

A day at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon wouldn’t be complete without seeing a few characters! Usually, there is the option to see at least one character during the day.

Those characters are Lilo and Stitch….from Lilo and Stitch. These two fan favorites often greet guests near the entrance of Typhoon Lagoon.

Below we see Stitch standing to the side of Singapore Sal’s gift shop.

Sal’s is the first building you will run into when entering the park. The building is to the right after you pass the scenic overlook area.

Stitch often greets guests around the park’s opening time.

If you see Stitch out and are interested in the meet and greet, go on and do it then.

Given the hot temperatures, characters are in and out for brief periods over the day. Once you store your belongings in a locker and head into the water park, chances are you won’t revisit this area until toward the end of the day.

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Additionally, sometimes you might run into Lilo instead of Stitch.

Lilo is a challenging character meet to find at Walt Disney World. Typhoon Lagoon is the only place I’ve seen Lilo meet guests that does not require a dining reservation.

A Disney Photopass photographer is usually available to take your photo if you have the Memory Maker. If not, you are welcome to take pictures with your phone or camera.

As far as autographs go, I wouldn’t bring a pen or character autograph book. We love signatures, but you are at a water park and wouldn’t want to get your book wet.

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I hope this article helps you locate the characters at Typhoon Lagoon. Is there one, in particular, you’re hoping to meet? Admittedly, I’m a little partial to Stitch!

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