Waturi Marketplace at Volcano Bay

Waturi Marketplace is the primary place to shop at Universal’s Volcano Bay water park. The marketplace is home to two distinct gift shops: Taku Taku Traders and Bikini Tiki.

Taku Taku Traders offers a variety of merchandise for men and children, including t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, and more. Bikini Tiki, on the other hand, specializes in women’s clothing and accessories.

Both stores offer a wide selection of souvenirs, making it easy to find the perfect memento for your trip to Volcano Bay. This article will look at what kind of merchandise you can expect to find at Waturi Marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for a new bathing suit or a souvenir t-shirt, you’ll find it here.

Waturi Marketplace is located near the front of the park. After entering the park, you’ll take a sharp left and run straight into the gift shops. They are located directly in front of the Wave Village East restrooms, lockers, and towel rentals.

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The marketplace has a large, partially covered shopping area between the two gift shops. There were several essential items for visiting a water park in this area.

I loved that Volcano Bay had a nice variety of themed beach towels.

They had so many. You might have difficulty choosing one.

Beach towels were $27.00 each.

UV protective swimwear is available.

Several signs indicated a special where you could get two Seawags, one sunscreen, and two towels for $99.00. So if you’re interested in purchasing a couple of waterproof phone cases and towels, this is a reasonable deal.

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Toward the back of the outdoor area, there was a sizable section of swimsuit cover-ups.

Here are a few flip-flops.

And there were plenty of water park shoes. On another note, I was baffled at the number of guests who were barefoot at Volcano Bay this day.

While Volcano Bay has sprayers to help keep the walkways cool, I can’t imagine tackling a water park without a pair of water park shoes.

Tuku Tuku Traders is on the right-hand side of Waturi Marketplace.

They had an exceptional variety of Volcano Bay-branded merchandise.

Along the back wall, there were men’s swimwear, backpacks, and t-shirts.

Here are a few more pieces of men’s apparel.

If you forget to bring your swim trunks, you’ll have plenty of choices.

Here are a few more options.

Additionally, this shop carries children’s merchandise.

It makes sense to sell swimsuits and a water park gift shop. However, if you forgot your swimsuit, it would be a rather expensive item to replace.

There were a few other items like these tumblers and tie-dye shirts.

Plush items were available.

I thought this Volcano Bay tank top was cute.

And there were a few plastic waterproof cases for credit cards and other essentials.

Bikini Tiki sits on the opposite side of the Waturi Marketplace.

This shop has a nice variety of clothes for women.

In addition, there were several stylish hats.


Here are a few more Universal Studios-branded items.

The theming of the boutique was interesting.

There were ball caps and things you might need for protection from the sun or rain.

Again, plenty of swimwear selections are available.

Lastly, here are the Seawag phone cases. I purchased a pink one.

Overall, I was impressed with the variety of merchandise available at Waturi Marketplace. The shops truly have something for everyone.

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